Saturday, October 22, 2005

Joseph Conrad on building strong communities

Joseph Conrad, 1885:

Where's the man to stop the rush of social-democratic ideas? The opportunity and the day have come and are gone! Believe me: gone forever! For the sun is set and the last barrier removed. England was the only barrier to the pressure of infernal doctrines born in continental back-slums. Now, there is nothing! The destiny of the nation and all nations is to be accomplished in darkness amidst much weeping and gnashing of teeth, to pass through robbery, equality, anarchy, and misery under the iron rule of a military despotism! Such is the lesson of common sense logic.

Socialism must invariably end in Caesarism.

- Joseph Conrad, "Life and Letters"; G. Jean Aubry, London 1927; Vol 1 p 84, cited in C. Northcote Parkinson, "The Evolution of Political Thought"; Viking, 1964, p.216


Anonymous said...

Oh, bosh, my comrades from London!

Surely Socialism is the highest form of social development that exists on the planet today. You do not need to waste breath expounding on some insignifigant factoid that highlights something that we do not want to have the spot light on.

Socialism is an ideal system for people who do not wish to grow up. Let us have a majority society of Infantile-Canadians, lovingly ruled by wise adult administrators in our Supreme City of Ottawa. They can draw cheques and attend workshops on work skills and struggle with drug addiction and be outraged over not sharing toys in the sandbox.

Abandon your affectation for this Ability based system of promotion. Let Quotas rule! If a welfare Mom spits in your food because she is forced to work for six weeks a year, smile. If a gangbanger urinates on your foot on the bus, smile.

Think of the hardworking elites that make this paradise. They live in remote villas in the country and go 'tsk tsk' as they watch the main stream media. They do not drive in rush hour traffic, and nobody spits in their food. Its not easy being a mandarin.

Think of others for a change.

I, Fenris Badwulf, wrote this

Sky Captain said...

Conrad eh?I like the cut of his jib!