Sunday, October 9, 2005

Human Rights Violation?

Six years and two harassment watchdogs later, the woman whose sexual torture was supposed to spark improvements at London city hall remains embroiled in a battle with the city and is convinced nothing has changed.
The point is not the unintentionally funny causality implied in the opening sentence of this Free Press report on Human Rights upheavals at Silly Hall. ("Here, let me put this cigarette out on your nipple. The Creative Cities book recommends it to improve garbage collection. It's like acupuncture...")

I thought "human rights" dealt with crimes like aggravated hurting of feelings, assault with a deadly word, murder of self-esteem, and grand theft of the dignity of non-JudeoChristian religions.

I also figured that something called "sexual torture" would fall under the boring old categories of "assault" or especially "sexual assault".

Why is a clearly criminal act being dealt with by Human Rights flakes?