Wednesday, October 26, 2005


The serenity of a residental neighbourhood featuring the new East London Branch Library was shattered early this morning by crashing cars and gun fire. Although service was uninterrupted at the library, both Forest Lawn Avenue and the Airport Hotel, which specializes in adult entertainment, were sectioned off by yellow tape as police gathered evidence from the scene of the most recent incident of gun play in London Ontario.

From A-Channel news:
A scene from the wild west played out in East London early this morning.

A burst of gunfire, followed by a rollover crash, followed by more gunfire.

Police, responding to reports of a rollover on Forest Lawn Ave. in the city's east end around 2:30 this morning, were suprised to find the people involved in the crash also appeared to have been involved in a shooting in front of the Airport Hotel on Dundas Street..

That's just around the corner from the accident scene.

Police believe that after the shooting in front of the hotel, the people involved began chasing each other in vehicles, resulting in the crash and rollover of an s-u-v in a residential area on Forest Lawn.

They say it appears more shots were exchanged there.

Two males were taken to hospital with minor injuries after the crash, but their injuries don't appear to be related to the gunplay.

Police are still looking for 2 black men and a white woman who ran off.

They're all in their early twenties.


Sky Captain said...

And a good time was had by all.
Now home to listen to some Gangsta Rap(not Snoop;he may be good but he's a bit soft for our ambitions),shoot a couple of lines and polish our sexy guns.
Too bad we can't shoot, but hey, as a fashion accessory they're Grrreat!
Pick up the welfare cheque on Monday, but that's only a cover, we'll be selling Coke at the concession-sorry, Racial Rights Centre-all week.
Well, not actually inside, but on the corner, and they don't mind too much as long as we don't argue in the lobby.

Anonymous said...

This will only serve to further obscure the erratic management practices of the London Y, which is squeezing profits out of their daycare operations in order to subsidize their otherwise non-viable fitness operations, which compete with private sector health club operators under the protective cloak of non-profit status.

The London Y has 30% profit margins out of daycare through hiring unqualified staff, while maintaining high fees. They serve a market that is more than 50% subsidized by the public purse, then flow that money out of daycare operations and into fitness and other areas they can't otherwise operate in a viable fashion, targeting downtown white collar clientele with discounted fitness memberships.

The net result of a national 'daycare strategy'? More London Y fitness clubs, including the proposed $10 million+ facility in North London on Ritzy Planetree Park ...[..the osund of hands rubbing together..]

The Free Press won't cover that one though, with Sports Editor Dave Langford a long-time London Y board member...