Sunday, October 9, 2005

Former Accomplice Pouts

Adrienne Clarkson, who neglected to dissolve Parliament when the government lost confidence, has some thoughts on respect for her former office:

In an interview with the Toronto Star, Clarkson criticized Ottawa for not defending her when she made a controversial visit to Russia, Finland, and Iceland in the fall of 2003...

Clarkson said it was the government's duty to defend the office of the Governor General, but the Chrétien government neglected her at the most difficult time of her six-year mandate.

"The office needs defending because it is the office," she told the Toronto Star. "When the office is attacked, it should be the government that defends it."
If you think I'm being mean, just wait. History won't be kind to you, Adrienne.

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bijoux55 said...

October 10, 1970
October Crisis comes to a head. Chronology of this day: 5:30 pm - Quebec government refuses to free Front de Libération du Québec prisoners; 5:45 pm - Government rejects other FLQ conditions; 6:00 pm - Justice Minister Jérôme Choquette opens a news conference to announce that the government refuses to negotiate with FLQ terrorists; 6:18 pm - Quebec Labour Minister Pierre Laporte 1921-1970 kidnapped by FLQ cell while playing football with his son outside his suburban home in St-Hubert; 7:10 pm - intense police activity around Montreal as the search begins for Laporte.

Letter of Pierre Laporte to Robert Bourassa

Letter sent on October 11, 1970

My dear Robert,

I feel like I am writing the most important letter I have ever written.

For the time being, I am in perfect health, and I am treated well, even courteously.

In short, the power to decide over my life is in your hands. If there was only that involved, and the sacrifice of my life would bring good results, one could accept it ...

You know how my personal situation deserves to draw attention. I had two brothers, both are now dead. I remain alone as the head of a large family that comprises my mother, my sisters, my own wife and my children, and the children of Rolland of whom I am the guardian. My departure would create for them irreparable grief, and you know the ties that bind the members of my family ...

You have the power of life and death over me, I depend on you and I thank you for it.

Best regards,

Pierre Laporte