Friday, October 7, 2005

Boot Camp

More on McGimpy's forced fitness program for public school children. Apparently we can thank London's very own Thames Valley District School board for the template:

An Ontario plan to give elementary school kids 20 minutes of exercise a day won't be a problem for the Thames Valley District school board -- the idea was developed here.

The Liberal government will make 20 minutes of daily physical activity mandatory in Ontario elementary schools, it announced yesterday.

About 60 per cent of Thames Valley schools already have kids following the plan, developed in part in 1999 by Jayne McCullough, the board's learning co-ordinator for health and physical education.

"Quality daily physical activity is something that improved student learning results, decreased behavioural issues and increased self-esteem," McCullough said.

[..] How to incorporate the exercise is up to teachers -- pupils can jump up and down while counting or multiplying, for example, making learning more active, McCullough said.

The London District Catholic school board also has incorporated exercise into daily activity, said education director Joe Rapai.

[..] "It can be very simple, like arm motions to get the circulation going, or twisting from side-to-side and stretching. It's really good for them."
Next the school board will be inspecing the children's lunch boxes for trans fats.