Saturday, October 29, 2005

Blue Blogging Soapbox Multimedia Contest

To paraphrase the South Park guys: we do not endorse the socialist Conservative Party of Canada -- but we despise the Liberal Party and its works. To me, the self-serving mandacity and arrogance of these people, their commitment to a divide and conquer strategy among their citizens, their idiotic and opportunistic anti-Americanism, and their daily demonstrated contempt for the gravity of their positions is more significant than quibbles about, say, the attachment of the "Progressive Alliance" to the cruel and cynical policies of the Canada Health Act.

And a big part of throwing the Party onto the ol' ash-heap where it belongs will be propaganda. The Internet is free of the Liberals' "CRTC" front organization, and a fine testing ground for dissident memes. Blue Blogging Sandbox has been excerpting Question Period in style and has now announced a multimedia contest.

The Challenge: create something with a Conservative political theme. Let your imagination run wild! It can be a video, game, Powerpoint presentation, Photoshop picture etc. Any medium with the goal that it can be easily hosted online and distributed via email.

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