Monday, October 3, 2005

Assorted troubles in Canada

I should be packing, as I am moving soon (alas, I am not leaving the city of London), but instead I'm sitting here at my computer, reading news stories to increase my blood pressure. The one government expenditure I could support is permanent vacations for politicians - they are going to steal our money anyway, and they do less harm while they are at their cottages and visiting foreign countries. Today, I can truly say I hate Canada.

Via Jay Jardine, yet another reason to avoid the ballot box:

The chief electoral officer says he might be willing to break the law by sharing the confidential federal voters list if he thought it would help public safety or security.

Jean-Pierre Kingsley said the law should be changed to allow him to share the National Register of Electors under certain conditions.

That includes legitimate inquiries from Canada's spy agency, he said Thursday.

The Canadian Security Intelligence Service could use the detailed voter database as it tries to protect citizens, Kingsley said.

"Of course I can understand why that may raise some alarms. But I also understand that CSIS is a legal entity in this country.

"And if they're the ones asking me for something, and I find it reasonable, I'll go along with it -- if the statute is changed.

"Right now if anybody comes to see me and asks me for information -- where I could save lives potentially -- I can't give it. I'd have to break the law. It might even be possible that I would break the law if those were the circumstances, if it could save lives."

[..] the chief electoral officer "is here to serve Canadians first," he said.

From GayandRight, George Slitherman's solution to the doctor shortage in Ontario. The backdoor is open, so come on in:
Ontario's health minister says gays and lesbians in the medical field should consider moving to Canada. George Smitherman touted the province to delegates at the Gay and Lesbian Medical Association's annual conference in Montreal.

Most of those attending the convention were American, and in a keynote address the openly gay cabinet minister said that doctors dissatisfied with life in the US should think about a move - especially if they want to marry.

"Many of you work in States where progress of this type is measured in baby steps at best, and sometimes not at all," Smitherman said.

"And some of you live and work in States where the fight is actually not to lose ground. And yet you keep at it, day in, day out, and for that you have my gratitude, my respect, and my undying admiration."

" ...thousands of gay couples have been married in Canada, happily and proudly joining the millions of other couples in this country and around the world who have come together in love and ask nothing more than society’s blessing of that union," Smitherman said.

"In Canada we do bless that union, regardless of the sexual orientation of the people involved, and that is something that gives me a tremendous amount of pride in my country.

"The only barrier that exists to my getting married lies in my convincing someone to marry me, and I suppose it would be unreasonable of me to look for my government’s help on that one."

Kateland of The Last Amazon passes on the message that the CBC will soon suck again:
The CBC and the union representing locked out workers were hammering out details of a plan Monday to get workers back on the job starting this week, and observers say the looming spectre of Saturday's Hockey Night in Canada broadcast has added increased urgency to the talks.

The two sides met briefly with federal Labour Minister Joe Fontana early Monday for a brief congratulatory meeting after an agreement in principle was struck to resolve the seven-week lockout.

[..] Mr. MacDonald said that, regardless of the timeline agreed upon in Monday's meeting, hockey will be on the air this weekend.

"Everybody wants Hockey Night in Canada back," Mr. MacDonald said.
Um, I don't so why should I pay for it?
Management and representatives of the Canadian Media Guild signalled an end to the seven-week lockout early Monday with the announcement that they had reached an agreement in principle — which are expected to form a the basis for a new collective agreement — to resolve the dispute.

Key to the pact is an agreement that management will cap the number of fixed-term contract workers employed at CBC at 9.5 per cent of the full-time work force.

And on the subject of forced compliance, Raskolnikov gives us a heads up on the content police:
The federal government is reviewing a proposal by coffee titan Starbucks Corp. to establish a retail music business in Toronto to make sure it's a net benefit to the country.

The Department of Canadian Heritage wants to know whether the new enterprise will offer acceptable levels of Canadian content and employ enough Canadian workers.

The federal cabinet ordered the secretive review under the Investment Canada Act on Sept. 12 to determine the impact on Canadian culture.

[..] Canadian Heritage's review of the Starbucks proposal will include assessing whether it will nurture new Canadian talent, and whether there will be a commitment to “the creation, production, distribution, marketing and preservation of Canadian cultural products in Canada, through traditional and new media,” according to a departmental policy document.

And finally, a note to the spammers who have been polluting the comment section of The London Fog: Fuck off and get a job.


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