Saturday, October 22, 2005

5 year plan for cancer calls for some "Groupaction"

A new report says that cancer rates are going up and we're not going to be able to pay for it. I guess you'd better get yourself elected, join the army or become a hockey star in the latter stages of life, so you can get into the premium service queue at healthcare centre from which the rest of us are excluded.

"Cancer has an ever-expanding impact on the lives of Canadians and on the economic interests of the country," the report says. "Yet Canada is falling behind other developed countries in meeting this growing cancer burden."

There will be a "significant increase in the number of new cancer cases," the report says, adding this spike in demand for medical services "will cause inflationary pressures and put the sustainability of the health-care system at risk."
Hooray for socialized medicine!
(Doctor) Sutcliffe is a senior member of a coalition of experts pushing for a national strategy on cancer control. The coalition's report, prepared by experts ranging from provincial cancer agencies to researchers to the Canadian Cancer Society, projects costs over the next 30 years that are staggering. They include $176 billion in direct health-care costs for cancer patients; $540 billion in lost wage-based productivity as cancer patients temporarily or permanently leave their jobs; and $248 billion in lost tax revenues because those patients are off work.
That's right, they're busy calculating how many tax dollars they're going to lose in the future because you're too near death to work!
The coalition is calling for a $260-million, five-year plan that would provide more consistent care nationwide in areas such as screening programs to catch the disease in its early stages; clinical practice guidelines on the most up-to-date treatment; the types of drugs that should be publicly insured; standards on how chemotherapy is practised, prescribed and administered; and guidelines for palliative care.
While doctors might be thinking about ways of treating the disease politicians, who have the final say in medical in Canada and, unlike doctors, aren't motivated by greed, have come up with a five-year plan propaganda campaign instead of a treatment strategy:
Ottawa, however, plans to treat cancer as part of an "integrated disease strategy" with a $300-million, five-year plan that attempts to persuade Canadians to lead healthier lives, reducing their risk of getting cancer, heart disease and diabetes.
Note the use of the word "persuade". In other words, $300 million worth of public advertising. I sure hope Groupaction Inc. are willing to take on some of this important work.

I guess these advertising campaigns must affect someone - the Liberanos keep getting re-elected.

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Sky Captain said...

You think you have it bad?
Over here, the 'Big Scare' today is 'bird flu';it is nothing less than the iminent annihilation of civilisation that we are faced with.
Why,in Asia(population 3Billion),it has killed 60 people in a year!
My god!
Anyway, the journalist elite has been peering into its own arse and watching the 'bird flu' getting closer and closer.
The Sun newspaper topped the lot;headline?
"Dead Parrot is first case of Bird Flu in Britain!"
Apparently the parrot died of an unknown kind of flu while in quarantine.
But they don't even get the irony.
Where is the health secretary(what happened to 'Minister'?)coming on TV and saying:
"This parrot is dead.It is an ex-parrot!"
(Tough question from Paxman)
"Er, yeees, but you have to admit it has beautiful plumage?"