Monday, August 8, 2005

Eat or be eaten

You can have a doctor -- but only if you are willing to take him away from somebody else.

Under the Adopt-a-Doc program, family doctors agreeing to practise in London can receive as much as $20,000 in financial incentives.

Middlesex County administrator Bill Rayburn has already warned London's Adopt-a-Doc program could escalate the bidding war among Ontario municipalities desperate for doctors.
Socialism, of which our health care system is a prime example, tries to ignore the existence of the economic problem itself. Designing a system founded on a wishing-away of the fact of scarcity is as crazy as building a space shuttle without attention to thermodynamics.

Unfortunately for humanity, the consequences take longer to shake themselves out in the former case, so the lessons are obscured. Worse, there is an endless line of hucksters interested in obscuring these lessons with promises of FREE STUFF, if you'll only give them a monopoly over this or that commodity.

But there is no escaping reality in the economic realm, any more than in the physical one.

And so -- as the scarce resources run out because the mad dream of socialism prevented the price system from encouraging prudent planning for tomorrow -- we must all resort to fucking each other over to get our slice of the ever-diminishing pie.

I must push the sick old man out of the way to get on the patient list of one of those scarce family doctors before he can. That's just the way it is. And London can bring the doctors in by enticing them away from poorer, needy areas. Too bad for the rest of you.

Compassion is red in tooth and claw.


EclectEcon said...

There are two conditions that must be met for improving our health care system:

1. We must allow extra billing and multi-tiered health care.
2. The med schools must admit more students and not be allowed to restrict entry into the profession.

command economy said...

I omitted steps to remedying this stuff, but you have helpfully provided some. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

3. Canadians must not be taxed to support a system which is wasteful and corrupt.