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Red Ensign Standard No. XXI

The Red Ensign Standard brings together the best and most interesting posts of the past two weeks from a diverse group of bloggers who fly versions of the historical flag of Canada — the Red Ensign. It has become customary for the blog that collects the Standard to write something in the way of an introduction stating in some way their reason for flying the Red Ensign. Just as the Red Ensign group is made up of bloggers whose opinions range from conservative to libertarian to plain ol' cranky and otherwise, so the London Fog is composed of individuals whose interests cannot be summed up in a unitary label. What we do agree upon is that the Red Ensign is a voluntary association — and that in kind it represents voluntary associations as the proper yet now enervated mechanisms for self-governance among strong and independent people.

Although mindful of a national history that was in many ways much prouder than contemporary socialist weakness and blandness, none of the London Foggers were born when the Red Ensign was replaced by the Maple Leaf flag. And none of us typically support the idea of waving flags in lieu of reason and debate. And as the Phantom Observer noted in a previous edition of the Standard, nostalgia for a time in Canada's past when the Red Ensign was flown across the country ignores the ignominies of racism, ignorance and brutality that characterized some of that past — a past that included the likes of Emily Murphy and Tommy Douglas. But for us, though, flying the Red Ensign is a repudiation not of the current Maple Leaf flag but of what the Maple Leaf has come to symbolize — the propagation of an artificial, regulated and increasingly enforced national unity under an ever-growing and increasingly corrupt government presence in more and more aspects of the lives of every citizen of this once-great nation, and all justified by the replacement of genuine Canadian values of freedom and independence in favour of taxation and subservience. It is no coincidence that a common antipathy can be found among the Red Ensigneers to the governing Liberal Party that both gave Canadians their new flag and appropriated the shared interests that real national unity might once have supported in favour of its own.

But we are no more responsible for the motivations of the other members of the Red Ensign than for their abilities to write entertaining and informative posts, and so without further ado, here is the Red Ensign Standard No. XXI.

Red Ensign XXI Special Feature

We're excited to present a toy created for this occasion, the world's only Red Ensign XXI Average Front Page Generator. Each time it is loaded, this page generates a webpage with pseudo-R.E. content statistically similar to the Red Ensign bloggers that Mike was assigned. Take a look, but note: We are not responsible for any long term damage to reading comprehension skills caused by abuse of this page.

The Blogs

A Chick Named Marzi is "a pro-American Canadian conservative punk chick" — who knew? And how dare she represent diversity in the monolithic reactionary right-wing blogosphere? Speaking of which, she goes zen and wonders — if a blogger screams in the blogosphere, does she make a sound? Informed by her lack of faith in honesty in politics, she also questions whether the Dutch court's decision not to prosecute GWB for war crimes has anything to do with the revelation on Dutch soil that terrorism does exist! And she doesn't think much of American activists' praising Canada for being on the wrong side. More surprises — Marzi's a cynical punk at that.

Rue from Abraca-Pocus gets down with the under-over-rated William Shatner covering the talented but Anglophilic tawdry-class-political band Pulp. So that's how she gets Tainted Love out of her head — can't blame her. Not to mention that listening to William Shatner should be good practice for International No Diet Day.

Absinthe & Cookies is making money off their blog! Nifty indeed. She's also got up Orson Scott Card's contentious article about the death of Star Trek and wonders whether Vincent Price isn't rolling in his grave.

All AgitProp, All the Time… is one of the few people on the planet who knows that there is a Kim Il Sung Institute of Agricultural Science in Guinea. Jimmy Carter is invited to the Peanut Herders and Tamers' Workshop in July. And he, among others, is not appreciative of the appropriation of the Canadian War Museum by an anti-war agenda.

Angry in the Great White North is so angry, he's a one-man Canadian political blogosphere. Anger management issues include Maurice Strong, fire sales for plum political sinecures, Maurice Strong again, judicial appointments in Canada, the CRTC, and, well, just about everything. A daily read for Canadian political junkies.

Anthroblogogy is one of a few Red Ensign members who helps defend our freedom from collectivists and idiotarians by pointing out neat guns. It seems he might want to use those on some of those "overwrapped hyper-legalbeagles picking nits off a flea's back in the malarial swamps" dressing up US Senate rules in Constitutional clothing.

John at Castle Argghhh!!! continues the military theme with an armament of ugly air-fighter poetry. Something I never knew about — anti-war activists in the Vietnam era calling up Air Force wives pretending to be casualty notification officers. John has many military things on his mind — glad he's on our side.

Babbling Brooks stands on guard on this side of the border when it comes to defence issues. Not one to credit Paul Martin for leadership, Damian does take time out to consider what it means to support Conservative positions. After all, he does have his wife writing new lyrics for our national anthem, possibly in order to get Liberal government contracts.

BlueTory has been offline for a while now. Damned Liberal hosting services!

Andrew at bound by gravity, author of the user- and democracy-friendly Federal Elections Canada Database, likes the line "The same people who say that all politicians are liars, or are only in it for themselves, will also blindly accept the Liberals' word that their opponents have a hidden agenda." But getting away from partisanship, he puts up the original handwritten "In Flanders Field" and a thoughtful remembrance of Canada's participation in the liberation of Holland 60 years ago by Peter Mansbridge.

Bumfonline takes on protective parents raising chickensh-t kids, weakness in the fight against Liberal scare tactics, close-minded paternalistic municipal planners with delusions of omniscience, and government ministers who would rather spend their time spreading around innuendo than actually learning something about their portfolio. An excellent blog worthy of more attention.

Canadiancomment does not have a thing on for Liberal scare tactics but acknowledges that, in an imperfect Canada, they work. Does that mean that Liberal and Conservative voters are different? Yes, says Dana. He also asks, "What the hell has Canadian politics become?" A bit like European politics, maybe?

Candepundit has a Red Ensign on his blog, but unfortunately no entries. Whither thou, cande?

ChrisCam provides the winning understatement of the Red Ensign by calling his blog "Intermittent Stream." But he does have a healthy distaste for parasitism, in this case of the Social Security kind, and even manages to bring in references to Lenin, Mao, Stalin and Alexander Hamilton into one big polemic post.

Anyone who doesn't want to invite Rebecca from doxology over for dinner is probably a heartless beast. The quietly sensible member of the Red Ensign, she asks simply, "rather than the government playing God or Nanny, why not let society work together and help those of us who are less fortunate?" Why not, indeed? Well, if they weren't busy playing God or Nanny, maybe the state of Florida wouldn't go around prohibiting a 13-year old girl's legal guardians from consenting to or denying her an abortion. "While they're at it, why don't they lower the voting age to 10 or 12?"

Dust my broom is one of my favourite blogs, and despite a threatened strike by Darcey, who is busy, things keep moving along with him and his guest bloggers. There's no finer blog for keeping up with native Canadian issues (and non-issues). Calling it like it is — keeping children under the thumb with nationalized standardized child care, all for the sake of getting votes from parents too busy making money to pay their taxes to look after their own, and love-struck Manitosheviks. And they don't like Bono either.

Access is forbidden to ESR / Musings — has CSIS caught on to him yet?

Alan at Gen X at 40 gets up early — an older blogger evidently. I can't recall getting up at 7:41am and thinking about the awesome toll of life incurred by the Soviets in WWII. But then again, I haven't given much thought to criminal Vatican radio at any time of day.

Hammer into Anvil muses on the interest a corrupt government has in looking the other way from white collar crime and, ahem, misappropriation of "charity" money. I probably couldn't bear to see what the modern world of dead-soul computer special effects and nihilsm-as-entertainment has done to my childhood friend Doctor Who, but it was nice to get an update. has been busy with the end of term, and now it's time for summer courses. His acceptance of a $200,000 Heritage Canada grant to study the patterns of cracks in the sidewalk has nothing to do with his sparse posting.

John the Mad maintains that the Liberals are bribing us with our own money. He reports an email exchange with a Neverland-Canadian from a fictional story. Don't believe the hype.

Just Between Us Girls on pestilence outside the voting booth. However, a recent Beetle Post/L.B. Inc. poll said Canadians think we need to wait for the appointed entomologist's final report before we swat the goddamn things.

Minority of One cartographically puts the lie to the Party propaganda angle of being the "national party". I often think about how great this country could be with a proper constitution and tradition of liberty inspired by the genius of the Founding Fathers in the States. 140 years of this philosophy would have helped. We also share similar dark suspicions about why the Liberals are going to such lows to stay in power, and the nature of the process bringing it about. In closing, I note my ongoing campaign to therapeutically coarsen Canada's public discourse is winning hearts and minds.

Musing reports on the apparent Liberal willingness to offer up a Ceaucescu Challenge to the Canadian people. He treats the politicization of science magazines, and Laura Bush's ugly slumming for the affections of sleazy journalists. There is some good news on the international front, though -- you can't win a modern war if your holy book doesn't even tell your goons how to find the shift key.

Musing of a Canadian Slacker is still mostly slacking, but he drops in to point out a Red Ensign held hostage at the People's new anti-war museum.

Myrick is in Shanghai, with information about the celebration of May Day in the PRC.

Continuing our roundup's journey into the mysterious and treacherous Eastern lands, Nathan's Updates From Seoul sends some pictures of Korea's Jongmyo Royal Shrine and Tapgul Park. But before you get the idea Korean public works are by definition prettier than ours, check out Dongdaemun Station, which is almost as grim as the University of Western Ontario's Social Sciences building. While the idiots on local council are designing a new building to house their uselessness, they might want to be right up front with us about the nature of their capital projects, like the people at Korean City Hall.

The temporarily dissipating North Western Winds points out a Firefox Blogger extension. I'll have to check that one out. Less time fighting Blogger means more time destroying the Liberal Party, but only for those who stay online. Hope you fall back off the wagon soon, NWW, and that the pirate stays well on it.

Occam's Carbuncle is also among those now pulling a Trudeaupia. I don't know anything about the rumour of a promised deputy ambassadorship to Gabon in exchange for his silence through the upcoming campaign, so everybody can stop emailing me about that. Before his co-option, he was properly down on serial wolf-crier Inky Mark. OC defined the purposely indefinite, reviewed the advantages of a daughter of crony capitalism on the Con front benches, and an incrementalist-by-example strategy for free marketers. Oh well. While we work on that I hear they have two-tier health care in Gabon, Alan.

Quotulatiousness rocks us with enlightening quotes. I'm probably committing a hate-crime listening to Von Thronstahl as I write this, but those guys are all talk compared to the accurately named Audioslave who are out there doing it.

Raging Kraut muses on the damage done to Canada's investment climate by the Party's Frankenstein budget. Have a laugh at Ralph Goodale's expense -- he's had more than his share at yours. Speaking of working the system, how about the CRTC cartel and its fight against competing technology. You'll just have to miss Question Period while you read these posts, because, as RK says, "NO TIVO FOR YOU".

Raging Ranter envisions Joe Volpe's future career prospects. He decries the moral relativism of the Canadian voter as presented to us in the mirror of CRTC-regulated media, and has problems with mayoral pimping of the federal budget. He also points out that a few high-ranking Liberal Party operatives were arrested last year on drug trafficking and money laundering charges.

Ravishing Light asks a question that's come into my own mental rotation more frequently these days. He found the new Family Guy as tiresome as the previously mentioned Gosplan-princess and Wolfman Volpe, but has Fox now when needed.

Rempelia Prime's URL is wrong in the Red Ensign blogroll, so I almost missed out on a great read I assumed was kaput. He has a picture of the old nag NDP carrying the Liberal Party into the future. Maybe now that the Party has broken Bono's foolish heart, they can make a play for Moby. In any case we need to find out who Harper would appoint as Musical Friend To The Canadian People -- are we talking Ted Nugent, Morrissey, or Transfat-Free Elvis under a Conservative government? Canadians deserve to know. What are the Tories hiding? We close this file with a glimpse into the exciting world of provoking Liberals -- a rewarding pastime open to anyone attending a public debate.

The temporarily new Rhetoricking With Myself explains why he's joined the Red Ensign. Greetings to our newest member, from the reactionary wing of the Red Ensign Brigade! He opens with a paean to the stubby. Perhaps a few of those and the assistance of the Queen can help us meet the Ceaucescu Challenge. RWM also investigates the history of opportunistic appointment of opposition members.

RightJab pops up from work with a soap opera-style plot summary of the ongoing saga of the Librano crime family.

Shiny Happy Gulag is not producing up to quota and will receive one quarter of a zek's kasha and bread rations this week. This time he may eat them outside of the punishment hut on account of his uncovering this poem that Kipling wrote for the ex-Finance Minister Of Our Hearts.

Skeet Skeet Skeet hasn't been posting too much lately, but Ben is amused by some comments left on Andrew Coyne's blog.

Steven Taylor points out an example of the Cartman-esque interpersonal ethics of Party operatives. Jack Layton's abandonment of socialist internationalism and class principles for a more nationalist socialism in Quebec. As propaganda polls steer the writing on the teleprompter, Steven offers a brief manifesto for Canadian bloggers as political activists in a Party-friendly media world.

Striving Against Opposition notes the passing of Paul Martin and the birth of Mr. Dithers. Chris has been busy finishing up his term at school, but he is also looking forward to more time for blogging soon.

Jay from The Freeway To Serfdom is critical of the recent drive to collect contributions for the Conservative Party and points out the hypocrisy of Conservative rhetoric and their actual 'policy prescriptions'. Always a tireless defender of freedom and diligent critic of the nanny state, Jay laments the increase in 'soccer-momism' amongst voters: apparently making a law is enough to prevent people from engaging in undesired behaviours. He also scoffs at the idiocy and thuggery of the drug laws, which far from preventing instances of drug abuse, infringe on the rights of consumers and producers alike.

The Green Baron is still on hiatus it seems, the blog inactive since Feb 2nd which was the day of his marital engagement.

The Last Amazon's mom sees a KomsomolCare aspect to that ugly-kids study. Kateland doubts that Gaza appeasement will work as well as, uh... that one time in 3458 B.C. when appeasement worked. Kateland is also monitoring Palestinian elections. Finally, there was a moment of silence for Yom Hoshoah and some harsh words for Layton.

The London Fog gives a pointer to what we all now are obliged to consider brutally homophobic testimony from CBC's Greatest Canadian, Tommy Douglas. Ruin the good mood that clip will induce by listening to "O Canada" set to the theme from "The Godfather", but don't tell Joe Volpe about it. We bait an advance fee fraudster, pretending to be a Liberal MP in desperate need of untraceable money. If the "creative cities" slush fund pretext sets eyes rolling and businesses closing all across town, well, that's how ya do tha public property shuffle.

The Meatriarchy makes note that Layton's price is roughly 4 billion trough dollars. There's also a discussion about Karla Homolka's upcoming release and some thoughts concerning Peter Kent. Friday was also open thread day, perhaps best enjoyed over a large burger - we're provided with the correct responses on Sunday.

The Monarchist puts the scarlet letter on the Harlot Party. He reflects on the patronizing attitude of peaceniks for soldiers. A Commonwealth man, he highlights ANZAC Day, and the incompatibility of monarchism and multiculturalisticism.

The Phantom Observer notes Paul Martin's resemblance to Joe Clarke. He continues with his excellent summary of various MP's positions on the same sex marriage bill - this will be a handy reference tool for checking consistency of position if the issue comes up again. The Phantom also pays a visit to the newly opened Canadian War Museum and takes some pictures to share with his readers and treats us to some poetry from Conservative MP Jeff Watson.

The Tiger in Winter has been very active of late, posting extensively on Canadian politics among other topics. He speculates on the outcome of a Conservative campaign and points out that the upcoming meeting between Bush and Putin is getting better coverage from the British media than the US media. Tiger also informs us that the parade commemorating the 60th anniversary of the end of World War II is being celebrated in Moscow and Kim Jong II has been issued an invite.

The Unwinding Road is on hiatus for a while.

Tipperography tells of the eventual return of Iowahawk. In honour of VE Day, Tipper puts up a series of posts on the Jews and the Holocaust. We are also reminded that big government is okay, unless of course that power goes to a party other than the NDP or the Liberals.

Trudeaupia is still on hiatus it seems, but he notes the passing of Mount Everest climber Dr. Sean Egan.

Turning 30 and a half is perplexed by the CRTC's latest attempt to impose a communist-like communication monopoly in Canada and so laments the recent ban on car satellite radio systems. Sue is saddened by a story of an elderly man who fell prey to an internet scam and lost his savings and regrets that one of the latest captured Al-Qaeda figures didn't get a chance to complete the Michael Jackson Extreme Makeover special. Readers are also presented with some family history.

West Coast Chaos switched ISPs and didn't post much in late April. Check out the picture in the link at the bottom of this, the last face you'll see before you're euthanized to clear a bed for an abortion. Temujin also reminds us of our special bond with the Dutch people.

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