Sunday, February 20, 2005

The farce of the democratic process

Imagine all the money that could be saved if we dispensed with elections altogether. People don't vote in London anyway.

City councillors will be asked to complete a questionnaire before tomorrow's council meeting on possible changes to city council terms and the timing of municipal elections. The Association of Municipalities of Ontario has asked Ontario municipalities to return the surveys by March 1.

Controllers are recommending the council term be lengthened to four years from three -- a change the board estimates would save about $750,000 during a 12-year cycle by holding one less election in that period.
We're supposed to believe controllers are motivated by saving money? That's a first in London. I have an idea! Why not cut off the lifeline for Fanshawe Pioneer Village, which costs about $687,000 a year to operate.

Update: Council fails to support the motion by controllers to extend the term to four years. The issue was originally raised in October by councillors Bernie MacDonald and Harold Usher.
They argued it would save money on election costs.

As well, they said three years isn't enough time to implement long-term strategies in the face of complicated budgets and issues after provincial downloading.
No, they need at least five years.