Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Sing a song of 7.81%

Now that the budget is pretty much set, The London Fog is happy to announce that we're holding a London 150 Song Contest. We put this challenge to our readers: who can create the best song celebrating and symbolizing London's 150th birthday?

Send us links to your band's London 150 songs and videos and we'll link to them. Tell your underexposed friends about this twice in a tricentennial opportunity! You don't have to be from London -- after all, Jello Biafra never went to Cambodia, and Jimi Hendrix didn't even live until 1983.

The contest closes on Tax Freedom Day, 2005. The prize for the best song is a map of London signed and annotated by everyone at the London Fog. The second best gets a crumpled up old map that is not special at all.

To get the ball rolling we provide the first entry in the contest. It's a 2 MB Flash video for a satirical light-hearted number by London's own Diversity Workshop, entitled "Gord Hume Wears Hitler's Skull For A Toupee". We caution you that this is an obviously absurd and untrue statement. The video itself contains nothing but lies.



Update: Jan. 16
Our second submission, by Frank Le Fou entitled "Pothole City":

Update: Jan. 17
Yet another submission from Frank Le Fou —
"Downtown London — What a Mess!"

Update: Jan 19
Diversity Workshop break our hearts with "Wonderland Gardens".

Update: Jan 28
Kajagoogoo-wannabes TURN OFF get down with "Anne Marie Is Smiling."

Update: Jan 31
The Diplomats sum it up with "London is Crumbling Down."


MapMaster said...

Mike, who's your_musician_friend@once.ok?

VampireHeatwave said...

First off, Diversity Workshop is perhaps the most scathing and important band this city has ever coughed up. I am in the lucky position to have listened to many DV compositions, and they continually shock and terrorize this listeners ear with ideas that provoke and challenge.

Secondly, is it ok if I send a link to the song to Gord Hume? Seriously, I think the fallout could be really funny...

MapMaster said...

Diversity Workshop is brilliant! Apparently they're going to send us another example of their work for the contest soon, which we will post as soon as possible.

As far as sending the song to Gord Hume, well, we will send an email to Diversity Workshop and see what they think. I can't say that I could promise you a positive answer. I don't know if they would deem the song somewhat too "libelous" to actually forward to a public figure like Gord Hume with the resources to make an issue of it. But we'll let you know.

If you want to send us your email address at thelondonfog@hotmail.com, we can let you know the answer.

Glad you like the song, we did too.

basil said...

MapMaster, do you mean to say Gord Hume dosen't really wear Hitler's skull for a toupee? But I thought these guys were serious!

MapMaster said...

Diversity Workshop is so serious that we cannot be sure that they are not employing some enormous galaxy-spanning metaphysical metaphor. Extreme caution is required: if they were to come in contact with the corpulent seriousness of Gord Hume, it could result in a new big bang -- like matter meeting anti-matter.

Anonymous said...

Let's get to the heart of the matter. Many of the City's problems, it appears, have everything to do with leadership.

Is the current Mayor the most qualified person to lead our city? Does someone with a community college degree, like Mayor DeCicco, have what it takes to make significant management decisions affecting a very important city in Ontario?

Does anyne out there care about this like I do?