Monday, January 17, 2005

More budget scraps...

Controller Russ Monteith doesn't see big opportunities for budget reductions without sacrificing services or delaying items.

"There may be a few little things we can change," he said. "But in terms of the big items, we've gone through quite a few of those."

Delaying some budget items for a year is a possibility, he said.

"That would give you room in this year's budget. That would probably be the easiest route to making major changes."

Monteith said council has to find about $3.4 million in savings to reduce the budget increase by one percentage point.

People complain about high taxes, but it's difficult to get public consensus on what services should be cut to achieve reductions, he said.

And cutting services -- and the staff who provide them -- would involve costs to the city, Monteith noted, including severance paid to departing employees. "You may not find yourself achieving any savings in the first year."
That's just it folks - the only real way to reach 'public consensus' is to let individuals decide for themselves which services they value and wish to pay for. Passing the buck to future budgets and is going to result in total bankruptcy eventually. Let us stop the pillaging. Considering the number of lawsuits many of the city employees are involved in, not to mention the fully paid stress leaves many of the city employees receive, I am sure it would be cheaper in the long run to pay these bums severence. See you non-producers.