Friday, January 14, 2005

More budget lunacy .....

At this rate, 7.8% sounds optimistic.

City councillors vowed yesterday to take a final, hard look at the budget before passing on what now stands as a 7.8-per-cent property tax increase to Londoners. But given council's record as a whole, taxpayers might not want to hold their breath, suggested some councillors.

"For all the ideas out there, there aren't 10 people willing to support any one particular idea," said Coun. Susan Eagle.


For example, a police request for a fingerprint scanning device ranked dead last when council set capital priorities, she noted.

Then council gave the requested $418,000 to police anyway this week, she said.


Coun. Fred Tranquilli agreed priorities are being ignored.

Way down council's list of priorities was $6 million toward an expansion to the police station, he said.

But council agreed to take $5 million out of a reserve fund to make the contribution, rather than using the money to start paying down the debt and giving taxpayers a break, he added.