Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Budget Scraps - Babies, nannies and horses and buggies

A few comments from some of the looters 'winners' in this years scramble for a piece of the pie:

But child-care providers who filled council chambers -- and supporters of Fanshawe Pioneer Village who won a $290,000 operating grant-- were relieved their interests won council support.

"I don't think we fought city hall. I think we just said here's an opportunity we don't want to miss out on," said Ian Gibb, director of London Bridge Child Care Services, which operates 11 licensed day-care centres.
Of course you didn't want to miss out on the opportunity to dip into the public trough. That is generally the only recourse left to us in a socialist state. Unfortunately, Mr. Gibb continues:
"Licensed day care will never meet all the needs and there's nothing wrong with putting your child with family or the babysitter or a neighbour you trust," Gibb said. "But many families are more comfortable in an environment they know is licensed and inspected and this (subsidy extension) will give more families that option."
What is this person saying???!!! Of course "there's nothing wrong" with leaving your child with a trusted family member or babysitter! Although I don't have kids, I sure as hell would trust my family before I trusted the Master's of the Nanny State. Is it really necessary for me to point out that inspected and licensed by the government does not automatically mean that it is the right choice - unless it is forced on us of course, and it becomes the only choice - which is the case, to cite just one example - when it comes to health care in Canada. Next step: force parents to give up their children at birth, as only the state is deemed fit to shape and care for young minds and bodies. Let us not forget Klein's proposed forced wellness program or the push in this country for universal daycare. By the way, thanks for leaving me fewer options, as I am childless you know and tax increases leave less for me, for I don't belong to a successful special interest group. I couldn't afford a kid, even if I wanted one. However, I guess I could always line up for trough money - that is what London Liberal MP Sue Barnes suggested to me in response to a question I put to her at an election debate in London.

More absurdity:
Fanshawe Pioneer Village secured a $290,000 operating grant to keep its doors open this year, but still needs $1 million in capital funds to restore its historic buildings. Village director Sheila Johnson said she's relieved the operating funds were granted because the village faced closure otherwise. Referring to arguments the village deserves a lifeline in light of the fact London is celebrating its 150th anniversary as a city, Johnson said she believes the timing helped. "You can't celebrate history you don't have."
This year will turn out to be very expensive for Londoners, even according to London standards - the 150th anniversary excuse is going to be milked for all it is worth no doubt. And as for Johnson's "You can't celebrate history you don't have", I say you cannot have a city if it goes broke. Ain't nobody gonna care about London's history when it is a ghost town. Keep in mind we needs roads to reach Pioneer Village, although soon enough we will all be driving horses and buggies in this city.