Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Mock Them All

Lorne Gunter writing about the recent South Park controversy:

There are several disconcerting aspects to the incident in which the animated series South Park allegedly insulted Muslims by blaspheming Muhammad.

The death threats made to the creators of the show for their "outright insult" to the prophet came from a radical Muslim group inside the United States, not one in some far-off land. The network the show airs on, Comedy Central, and the company that owns the network, Viacom, instantly bowed to the threats and censored out depictions of and references to Muhammad from a subsequent episode. Authorities seemed not to treat the threats as a criminal matter. And the satirical references to Jesus that followed slipped by without incident.


If it had been Christian zealots who had promised death for insulting depictions of Christ, the media, bureaucracy and politicians would have known instantly and instinctively to criticise and contain them.

But political correctness overrides such instincts when it comes to Muslims. The first response of many Western authorities when Muslims take offence is to mollify, to urge the altering or cessation of whatever Western behaviour it is that has given offence.


This approach will be as successful as giving the schoolyard thug your lunch money. Tomorrow he'll be back for your lunch money and bus fare, too.