Friday, February 19, 2010

Is your housecat a god?

There are spiritual beings out there that like to take over the bodies of animals and men. Now, let us think about this. When these spirits, familiar to most Ouija board users, decide on which critter or primate to inhabit, a certain amount of lifestyle choice is made. If you were a werewolf, for example, you look for wolves, or people. You have a werewolf sort of experience. It may last only a few days, or an entire military campaign. But it is the choice of the werewolf. But there are more spirits out there, unattached to mortal flesh, than werewolves.

Think about house cats. They live a life of luxury, a long life of luxury, where in their natural state they are short lived, insect eating swamp demons. The true wild cat, delights in swamp dwelling, and its senses are attuned to harvesting the tasty bugs, the crunchy spiders, the sun sleepy flies, and the dullard froglings. Being a house cat, with a brace of primates to provide food and entertainment, is the lifestyle choice certainly selected by these shape shifting, powerful supernatural beings. Indeed, where you find a pampered house cat, there you find a werewolf, admittedly, one of the lazy ones. Werewolves are always dangerous, our ancient legends tell us. But why aren't house cats dangerous to their owners?

More ancient pagan wisdom about house cats. Well, if you think it through, these werewolf shape shifted house cats, being so powerful, recruit human dupes as effectively hired staff, to come chop-chop to feed them delicacies daily, to carry off their stinking liquid and solid wastes, and to act the fool and entertain their tiny brains. Such good service is rewarded by these spirits. Where you find the pampered house cat, there you find men and women enslaved by the powerful magic of the werewolf. They have strange things happen around them. And people who get in the way of the social services of regular delivery of chow, waste removal, and circuses, they are the ones who end up with nightmares and creeping warts.

But not all house cats are werewolves. Some are just dumb cats. Some aren't. Some are werewolves. It would be in your best interest, do you not think, to be able to tell the two apart? So, send me your money. You will want instruction on how to identify, and protect yourself from these dangerous beings. You may consider them the equivalent of a bear attack, when they discard their house cat form and become, instead, some form of wolf or bear. If you can handle that, to be suddenly attacked by an over two hundred pound, slavering jawed, urine spraying, four clawed furry beast, then keep your credit cards in your wallet.

Send me your money.