Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The Mad Bomber

There is a firebug afoot at Adelaide and Huron.

Social Spending, anyone?

Those of us familiar with the tax and spend feeding spirial wonder about how it will manifest here in London.

Those poor victims. I can only speculate on how society has failed them. And how the public education system is underfunded, let alone the health care system. Collectively, we have failed little Ignis (the name I made up for this Looter-Canadian). And, of course, Ignis is a victim, even though he is a firebug.

Breast Feeding. Little Ignis was probably weaned from the tit too early. This trauma can be used (and has used, is used, and will be used) to pardon all sorts of crimes of people whose tribes vote Liberal. Perhaps little Ignis was weaned from the tit too late. It is a justifiable reason to go out decades after the fact and torch neighbours property. And for a member of a progressive-activist block, its a get out of jail and into an entitled handout card. And then again maybe Ignis was denied his rights to breastfeed and subjected to the bottle. No axe murderer was ever less guilty with such a background. Poor Ignis ... denied the breast, er, too much breast, er, denied the bottle, er, too much bottle. Regardless of how you spin it, society has failed.

This happens in Toronto all the time. No killer, robber, bandit, or rapist (provided they are non-white, non-christian, and non-taxpayer) is presented naked to the disproportionately leftist judiciary without a white-guilt defense. When a youth was murdered not far from the Science Center, the aristocrats rushed to build a community center. The same standards apply here.

The City of London should build a community center at Adelaide and Huron. The alienated expect no less.

Without an increased display of funding, the crime spree will not stop. It might not get better, but we will be told that it will not get worse as fast as it would have without another wheelbarrow of money stuffed into the rat hole of social spending. I saw the same thing in Toronto, and, given that all cultures are equal (etcetera etcetera) the equal treatment is called for.

Where is the community center? Until it appears, expect more angry, alienated youth off committing crimes that you, the taxpayer must both subsidize and pay for. And that community center better get built pretty fast. You would not want a crime wave in London would you?

I, Fenris Badwulf, wrote this.