Friday, August 28, 2009

Life's a bitch and then you marry one. Then you have kids and perpetuate the whole Goddamn mess all over again

Does anyone really ever get cured of depression? I mean without pills or ongoing therapies? It's potentially as lucrative an industry as death. There will always be morticians because people will always need to be cremated/buried or ritualistically tossed in a swamp; there will always be drugs/religion/secular social services because, let's face it, life is a continuous, meaningless ongoing struggle against death.

And if they can be certified from the time they're five, that's a lot of lifetime consumers for the needy services industry. A life time of drugs and therapy awaits because, well, no one really gets over it, especially if one is reminded from an early age that it's who and what you are.

"Difficult temperament at five months was the most important predictor of depression and anxiety in the children . . . As early as the first year of life, there are indications that some children have more risks than others to develop high levels of depression and anxiety."
It has now been revealed that "15 per cent of preschoolers suffer depression". Wow, that's a lot of kids! That's near as many kids as adults who'll grow up to smoke cigarettes. Hell, maybe they're in the same demographic. These are probably the same kids who feel an early aversion to Disney and refuse to sing along with all the phony bullshit singalong songs they march to in daycare - these kids just ain't healthy. And rest assured those numbers will only get worse once these kids start school.

And if mom is depressed, well, time for a domestic intervention - best just move those kids to a home that's safe!
"We found that lifetime maternal depression was the second most important predictor of atypically high depressive and anxiety problems during preschool years," said Cote.

"Our study is the first to show that infant temperament and lifetime maternal depression can lead to a high trajectory of depressive and anxiety problems before school entry."
The new breed of foster parent will be required to pass a happy test.

Better get those kids into a social(ist) workers care before they get used to a life without interference. We must make them happy - or at least help them to not think.

Is there any correlation between intelligence and depression?