Friday, August 14, 2009

Crime Wave, Heat Wave

The London Free Press is up to its' mission of social justice, again.

Of course, in the aftermath of some crazed criminals running amuck, who does the peoples fish wrap attack, why the police of course * .

How about having a little investigative reporting chit-chat with the 'alleged' felon's social worker. Maybe the proletarians who live in fear in this town would like to know why Comrade Social Worker failed in protecting the public interest. How about a few of the other highly paid, highly pensioned socialist social service workers who are supposed to turn riff-raff into taxpayers? How about his anger management coach? His anger management facilitator? His literacy tutor? His contacts at the needle exchange? His co-ordinator at the shelter where he eats dinner? Hmmmm?

Everyone who lives in the rough part of town seems to know this creep. A ticking time bomb, as they say. And as for the working Non-Hyphenated-Canadians who work the night shifts in the creative city, they are thankful to have police. But our left of reality paper sticks to the party line, ignoring the garbage mountain of failed social programs, incompetent paper pushers, non-ability collage of egg heads spouting fairy cake theory, and other concrete proof of the eternal failure of socialist thought.

The London Free Press edifice is located in the heart of the crime filled sector that this clay brick of the main stream media has nurtured. I pray to the Moon Goddess (we are not a Christian country any more, eh what), that when the useful idiots and time servers and ideologues and non-ability hires and invisible reporters and aristocrats who are children of talent go for their coffee, or walk to their cars in the parking lot, or just walk outside, that when some scum jabs them with a HIV needle-exchange needle, mugs them, robs them, or even keys their car, that there is no big meanie po-lice around to offend their world view. Let them face the same perils that the working proletariat face. Given the crime wave in London, this will be sooner (before the ice caps melt), rather than later (after the ice caps melt).

I, Fenris Badwulf, wrote this