Thursday, June 25, 2009

Is that a grow op in your basement or an old beer fridge?

David Suzuki and his ilk are tightening the laces on their jackboots. If you thought kicking in doors to search and seize property because of little herb was silly, you better dispose of that old beer fridge.

Lorrie Goldstein reports:

In the original version of McGuinty's Green Energy Act -- applauded by the Suzuki Foundation and other environmental groups as "world class" -- Suzuki, or anyone designated by a government bureaucrat, could, in fact, under the "Inspection, Enforcement and Penalties" section of the law, conduct surprise search and seizure raids on anyone's home or business.

This to check out activities deemed suspicious by the government related to energy or water use.

In the case of a house raid, the government, uh, generously stipulated a search warrant would have to be obtained, presumably before grilling groggy homeowners at midnight about their electricity and water bills.