Thursday, June 25, 2009

The Invisible Randy Richmond

More reports of crime in London. Now the reporter who re-wrote the police press release is not mentioned. His tagline is invisible. Did the invisible Randy Richmond write this?

The criminals have no race. No street names, either. Although this time the London Free Press found the time to report that the miscreants wore blue bandannas. Which is to say Crips. The organized criminal gang, the Crips.

Now, the press is promoting racism. By not stating the race of the criminals, the people who read the paper are assuming that they are people of colour. This contributes to the perception that POC are disproportionately criminals, neer-do-wells, and parasites. Given that the POC are already disproportionately represented in prisons, this makes the challenges of the POC to recreate their lives, culture, customs, and language here in their host country that much more difficult. Of course, this is not fair. Progressives and activists like to blame anyone but criminals for crime. Perhaps the rapist did not get a prompt diaper change in his formative years. Perhaps the murderer was weaned from the breast too soon, too late, or not at all. Perhaps the thief was outraged over slavery three hundred years ago. Maybe someone (who is not an N-person) used the forbidden N-word. The crimes are henious, the excuses limitless, and the need for taxpayers money to provide services that are always inadequate, make the problems worse, and provide employment for progressives and activists, bottomless.

So when the urban proles have their racist world view reinforced by the Main Stream Media this is not good. Now activists and progressives are fond of using 'fund fascism to fight fascism'. Is the media here encouraging racism in order to have more racist incidents which can be reported (and increase circulation)? Perhaps the paper has rejected the oppressive 'advancement based on ability' of the oppressive white culture, and instead promotes and hires based on race? Perhaps the circulation of the paper has sunk so low that there are no longer vigilant readers to write letters to the editor Pierre Burton's son to bring this to attention. I guess that he does not read his own paper.

Subscribers should look to the actions of Pierre Burton's son, and not his words. They do not match. If Pierre Burton's son does not read his own paper, why should you? And if the invisible Randy Richmond can report on events that he does not attend, surely you can make his paper invisible, then they would match. The newspaper that employs invisible reporters should be, itself, invisible.

I, Fenris Badwulf, wrote this.