Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Lunchtime Lockdown to Fight Obesity

I grew up in the country, meaning I wasn't one of those fortunate students who could walk home for lunch. Instead, I had to sit in a dirty classroom and eat lunch with my classmates. Well, I didn't actually eat lunch. All those mingled smells from sandwiches and bits of food dropped on the floor rather spoiled my appetite. I might add it didn't make me feel particularly social either.

If the food fascists have their way in Toronto, arguably the socialist capital of Canada, all middle-school students might soon be locked in for lunch because of course, if kids aren't allowed to leave school property, they won't smuggle it in, nor eat crap after they get to leave for the day. Never mind that some of the schools don't even have cafeterias but only vending machines. Next the authorities will be checking everyone's lunchbox. Oh wait, that's already happening.

The Toronto District School Board is pondering a controversial plan to prevent middle-school students from eating junk food: lunchtime lockdown.

Trustees will vote today on a student nutrition report that suggests they will eat healthier if they are forced to stay on school grounds at lunch.

[..] Trustee Michael Coteau, leader of the nutrition task force, said keeping middle-school students, who range from Grade 6 to Grade 9, eating in the cafeteria will build a stronger community. “You can have extracurricular activities on lunch hour,” he said. “You create a culture of eating together and you broaden your choices. It’s just more participation.”

The policy is already in place at Valley Park Middle School at Don Mills Road and Eglinton Avenue. (National Post)
cp: The Broom