Saturday, April 18, 2009

Jarl the Activist

My glasses fogged up from tears when I watched this multi-cultural video depicting my distant ancestor, Jarl 'Bad-Eye' Badwulf, the famous activist from my families distant past.

Jarl came from a quiet farm in the uplands of Sweden. He cared about people, and about the planet. He went abroad to spread awareness about the evils of Global Warming, and the evils of material wealth. He encouraged immigration back to our ancestral village of Badwulfenberg, as this video clip depicts. He encouraged debate, and celebrated non-violent means of conflict resolution. I wish more people could meet Jarl, and share in his legacy.

Note also the supply battalion cadre with the wagon, giving a lift to the foot sore immigrants about to enjoy their new life in the asbestos mines that surrounded Badwulfenberg. Jarl was not a Christian, and suffered discrimination all his life from bigoted, hateful Christians. He also had a learning disability, which was not recognized at the time, which made him unhappy. Jarl worked hard to heal himself, and was mentioned in many of the early manuscripts in connection with medical advances relating to burns, cuts, bone fractures, and dismemberment.

Despite the legacy of colonialism in Africa, Jarl was able to spread the message of love and acceptance that is the central doctrine of followers of Odin. As the grip of Christianity weakens, we can look forward to more people like Jarl the activist coming to the front in our society. And if you are open minded (if you are not, you are a racist), they you embrace the idea that Jarl can come back from the dead this, and every, full moon. Just take your dog out for a walk under the light of the full moon, and maybe, if you are lucky, Jarl will come visit your town or village and share with you his message of diversity.

Jarl cares about you. Jarl does not want you to be burdened with material possessions, distracted by wealth, or to suffer from a boring, lengthy existance. Say no to Western Civilization, and Jarl will come. He is coming.

I, Fenris Badwulf, wrote this