Thursday, March 12, 2009

London Free Press and Human Rights Sleaze

Kathy, Mark, don't be surprised by London Free Press deception, innuendo, and sleaze when it comes to "Human Rights".

I came to understand what "human rights" actually means, and what they're for, back in the mid 1990s -- all because of the London Free Press' collusion with local politician Susan Eagle to ruin local businessman Elijah Elieff.. Together, they smeared the man as a racist, using the HRC to break him, seemingly so that Eagle could turn his properties into social housing.

It was a textbook example of Human Rights in action. All the elements of the eternal fight against hurt feelings can be found in that case -- from crooked media stoking the fire, to grasping, cynical activists, to nobody (apart from Freedom Party) really caring or doing much as an innocent man was ruined by a bunch of greedy assholes unbound by the rules of law or evidence.

Eagle's ambitions were warmly received in the London Free Press. Coincidentally, her husband Joe Matyas, was a long-time editorial writer and reporter with the paper. Eagle, with the moral authority granted by her position as minister in the Church and -- with a seeming inside edge with the Free Press -- was in a dominant position for the next set of miseries for Elieff. A series of local media stories, which often cited Eagle, essentially painted Elieff as a prejudiced, stubborn old bigot of a landlord...

Approximately half of the tenants in the buildings were from Southeast Asia, and many were recent arrivals from rural backgrounds. Consequently, Elieff was often in an uphill battle to keep the buildings clean and intact...

When interviewed on this issue by a Free Press reporter, the exasperated landlord was quoted as saying "They're like little pigs, they think they're still living in the jungle." This was the fatal mistake -- if indeed Elieff actually said it. Eagle had a splendid opportunity. The Asian tenants of the buildings were canvassed until a Cambodian woman, Chippeng Hom, was persuaded to lay a complaint against Elieff with the Ontario Human Rights Commission. Eagle and the Free Press Reporter who interviewed Elieff, Greg Van Moorsel, buttressed Hom's complaint...

Elieff is now driving highway transports and is more than $100,000 in debt. His properties were seized and sold under power of sale, and both his business and reputation are ruined.
Read about this case and hate the Free Press even more right here.

The London Free Press has a very long and very cynical history of promoting Human Rights.