Wednesday, March 4, 2009

"If you pay people five hundred dollars a month a head for their house cats, will there not be more kittens?"

Fenris mourns the predictable loss of Canada:

Another thing I am going to miss about Canada, now that Canada is no longer Canada, but a multi-cultural paradise of entitlements, handouts, and oozing, open sores of social diseases, is the companionship of my fellow members of the working class. The old world where people worked, and an unfortunate few struggled to overcome adversity with the help of a social welfare system, is gone. Now the controling minority struggles to get more social welfare, a cabal of socialist social services sector satraps work to enlarge their empires, and the taxpayer is despised, ground down, and told to shut up. In the new world, fourty percent of people pay no taxes, so what do they care for taxpayers or their country of convenience but to demand more, based on the fairy dust logic of guilt and reparations?
Yet all is not lost:
The good news is that those who know the world has ended have moved on. The hunted, slandered taxpayer now embraces the cash and barter economy. The thinker no longer speaks his mind, but acts accordingly. The worker looks to a secure job in the welfare state. The economy marches towards crisis upon crisis, all predicted, and those that can adapt can profit from the collapse of news papers, television stations, and ivory towers. Hide your wealth from the vermin that eat your grain, everyone else is doing it.
Be sure to read the whole piece.