Thursday, March 26, 2009

Creative cities seek solution to potholes

With increasingly hard times and crumbling roadways before us, a modern city requires faith. Visions of smooth pathways to work and fried chicken haunt our crumbling dreams.

At a recent workshop, somewhere in the bowels of Chity Hall, solutions of heroic initiative were sought.

"Infrastructure", the mantra, was chanted.

A stomach growled.

A cell phone vibrated.

"Let's order some takeout," suggested the Deputy Mayor.

"Creative cities demand creative thinking!" exclaimed Gord Hume.

"Fast food restaurants must be held responsible for the excess weight on our roadways!" demanded Gina Barber.

"Companies which target a people's most fundamental desires must pay for their exploitation of human need," extolled Susan Eagle.

The problem was solved.

Colonel Sanders appeared and all were refreshed.

London requires the repairing of potholes by those responsible. In addition to the payment of fines, the guilty parties must be forced into humiliation. They shall be required to write their names in chalk on the afflicted areas.