Sunday, February 15, 2009

Who owns London?

Cromwell street lies betwixt Cheapside and trendy Grosvenor. From there is the access road into the pit that is Doidge Park. This is an important clue into the moral system of the powerful veiled Illuminati that rule London, Ontario.

Who is this 'Cromwell'? Let us really hope that it is notable social reformer Oliver Cromwell *, who is celebrated in Irish song to this day. Did he not push back the non politically correct Catholic Church out of England? Since the Catholic Church is bad, then the people they did not like are good. And everyone knows that the non politically correct Catholic Church is biased and discriminates against Oliver Cromwell's memory and utters hate inducing things about the legacy of Oliver Cromwell to civilization, culture, and common sense. The Catholic Church is a big meanie, and Oliver Cromwell is a victim.

Of course, it could be another Cromwell. How about Thomas Cromwell *, who not only was Oliver Cromwell's great uncle, but was also the Secretary of State for the progressive taxspender Henry VII and the brave social reformer Henry VIII. Thomas Cromwell is the man religiously responsible for the schism between England and Rome. As such he is disliked by the non politically correct Catholic Church, with whom no progressive activist can find anything good to like. So, Thomas Cromwell is a good guy. And guess what, he too is a notable social reformer, activist, and voice of a social consciousness. Thomas Cromwell, champion of a womans right to choose, and pro bono divorce lawyer of some repute, is a great person for London to honor with a street name.

You may think long on hard on the answer to this mystery. The secret Illuminati of London control the fate of this province. And they seem to like this Cromwell guy, Ollie or Tom, take your pick. Both are great social activists, and caring people who did not eat meat. Oliver Cromwell was a vegetarian non smoker, in an age of famine and tuberculosis. Thomas Cromwell was a notable childrens right activist, spearheading the acceptance of childrens labor in mining. This greatly increased the standard of living for several people. Who is better, who is the more just, and why is the street not decorated with heroic sculpture?

Yes, there will be more clues into Who owns London?

I, Fenris Badwulf, dictated this to minion Nogoodnick; while Fenris bathed in the scented pools at the London Pleasure Club, being attended by Sonjia DeSade in a multi-piece latex wetsuit ensemble. There he ate a feast, featuring peach balls in rum and chocolate cup cakes served with cherry pie filling and veal a la Borgia.