Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The Canadian Cat Meat Marketing Board, part 2

Warren Kinsella seems to live in a world different from the one he is so busily stuffing others into. Like a prison guard, he enforces rules, but does not live by them. Indeed, his tasteless slander of whatever non-white, non-christian group puts this into the spotlight. If anyone not a member of the politically correct aristocracy had committed this gaffe, they would be facing the Gestapo. And this Gestapo is a child of Warren Kinsella.

Vimy-Ridge-Canadians, that species of creature hunted so avidly by Herr Kinsella, would just giggle at such a gaffe and move on. But Herr Kinsella has actively worked towards the creation of vehicles of oppression to financially and emotionally persecute other Canadians. Restaurant owners are punished for wanting their staff to wash feces from their hands before they handle food. The uttering of the N-word can get an N-person a sinecure, justify assault, and be used as garnish in non-Mozart art. If I utter the N-word, I am sanctioned. If the creatures of Kinsella utter this word, they are rewarded. This is wrong. Kinsella is aligned with the forces of stupid, and the forces of stupid are being manipulated by evil.

Herr Kinsella, prominent Liberal party spokesman, has merely put his foot in his mouth. But what of the hundreds or thousands of other Canadians who have been put to the question of the Inquisition that this hypocrite has so avidly supported? There are two standards in Canada. One for the aristocracy of Lord Kinsella and his fellow travellers, and one for taxpayers. Disproportionate persecutions of white people and Christians have occured. This is not fair. This is creating bad things in the body politic. And if Kinsella would deign to educate himself on the history of dead white society, he might discover what a beast he is nurturing in his bosom.

Kinsella claims to be in the vanguard of the forces fighting fascism in this country. I suggest he educate himself on what fascists really do. They do not crayon in the little boys room. Kinsella is an ass. And as long as Canadians are persecuted by his creatures, I suggest he be careful that the real fascists do not come for him. He is a public man, and his public actions are creating a species of evil in this country. Perhaps Kinsella, the spokesman of the Liberal party, should turn his talents and attention to something real.

I do not care what new order takes control of the state. Regardless of what stripe the new tyrants wear, they will need people who work, who create capital, and who do. Tapeworm-Canadians exist and are nurtured by useful idiots like Kinsella to undermine the current order in that some other faction can take over the machinery and armaments of the state. Kinsella and the other useful idiots will be made into soap. Me, I will get a high paying job in some underground factory making officers jackboots. I will enjoy watching his show trial and subsequent slow execution.

Throughout Canadian society we have other goofs like Warren Kinsella. They forbid the playing of the national anthem with the lie on their lips that others have sought this relief, when really they are just advancing their own anti-Canadian agenda. We have bureaucrats who stamp yes when they are paid to use judgement and stamp no. We have killers on the street because bleeding hearts like Kinsella let them loose on neighbourhoods not their own. Our health care system is failing because of infantile intellects like Kinsella embrace the stupid, the silly, and the inane. Canada needs to purge itself of goofs like Warren Kinsella, spokesman of the Liberal party. They can do it themselves, or I can watch someone else do it.

I, Fenris Badwulf, wrote this.

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