Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Wishing you a "Helpless" New Year from The Can Con Artist Conspiracy

"Helpless in London" by The Can Con Artist Conspiracy


Apparently this little number was recorded just before Frank passed out on the floor for the last time of 2008.
"Helpless in London"
Words: Hippy Sympathizer & Frank le Fou
Music: Can Con Artist Conspiracy

There is a town in south Ontario
With lead in the water to spare.
Watch out for the ‘coons and skunks
If your neighbour misses garbage day this year.

Gangland shootings behind the bars,
Cost of living on the rise,
Vacant buildings crumble to the ground,
Diminishing shadows on our downtown.

Leave us, helpless, helpless, helpless.
Mayor, can you hear me now?
The chains are locked and tied across the door;
Nobody goes downtown no more.
Why waste talent? Recycle!!!

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Commodified said...


I used to play this song on the guitar. but I'd only sub the word Northern for Southern. ..