Sunday, January 11, 2009

True Tales of Nuance And Complexity


If you are not supporting Israel in the current campaign against Hamas, you are supporting Hamas against Israel.


Commodified said...

That's a very poor diplomatic statement about "if you are not supporting Israel.. then you are supporting Hamas". Even Jordan, one of Israels few middle eastern allies has condemned the acts of Israel. That hardly means Jordan is pro Hamas. Im actaully a little disappointed that was written. If I misunderstood the context forgive me but I would like clarification on that:

If you are not supporting Israel in the current campaign against Hamas, you are supporting Hamas against Israel.


Honey Pot said...

Hamas wants to obliterate Israel and kill all Jews. It is the mandate given to them by their barbaric oppressive god.

You can't negotiate with that. Hamas is a terrorist organization, one of the many that islam has produced.

You are either for Israel and its right to exist and defend herself, or you are a pro-hamas terrorist supporter.

It is very simple, no diplomacy needed.

Mike said...

If someone is taking random potshots at you while screaming about how he will not rest until he is dead or you are dead, and I would prevent you from fighting back and stopping him, or call you a criminal for doing so, then I am taking the side of the potshooter -- whatever my good intentions or words might be, or however many other people happen to agree with me that you shouldn't get to defend yourself.

A lot of people seem to see it differently, but I think they might change their minds in about a tenth of a second if rockets started landing in their neighbourhoods, launched by racist fascists howling for blood. Israel, a free democratic society facing a cruel genocidal enemy, is held to hypocritical standards no one would think to apply elsewhere, and certainly not to themselves.

Commodified said...

We can't condone the violence. The equalizing tactics and collateral damage are all parts of war but they both amount to the loss of human lives. Hamas is deeply embedded in the community of Gaza. Physically and Mentally. Not all Palestinians support them 100%. Just like any city, it is a mixed bag of people. The people do want social security though. Just as Israel wants her security. They are both Potshoting. If rockets started landing in my lawn and I was too morally-blind to prevent myself from upholding "personal security" and bombing back, then I would hope someone would step in and prevent me from killing any more.

When does it stop then? There is no solution in Israel killing people in Gaza just as Hamas is not going to intimidate Israel to concede the land.
And the "Mandate"?

The "Mandate" is just propaganda. Just as the Bush administration spread the last 7 years. No reasonable person can believe they are going to accomplish the abolishment of all Jews. It is more likely that Bush captures Bin Laden in his final days as president.

It boils down to this. These people are killing each other and innocent people are dying! History will be the judge of their collective actions. Not a non-existent god or the supporters of Hamas or Israeli Armies. I don't support war. The global community needs to stop the deaths.

Honey Pot said...

No, hamas is potshotting, constantly. Israel is bringing the hammer down.

The mandate of hamas is to destroy Israel and kill all Jews. Unless you have never read anything except the London free press, you would realize this.

No doubt in my mind that hamas will not realize their objective of carrying that out. Israel is in the process of eradicating those nasty little buggers.

War is an ugly thing, innocents die. Many children of allah will die, because of hamas. There is not a thing you can do about that. The terrorist organization hamas, is made up of cowardly men, who place no value on their women and children. Their deaths are valuable propaganda tools for hamas.

Until the day they can find an intelligent, and civilized muslim leader in the middle east, the children of allah are doomed.

That could happen, but I have my doubts. Islam and sanity are opposites.

Commodified said...

wow. that last statement that 'Islam and sanity are opposites' opens many other doors and asks many other questions. I have read many things other than LFP. To be honest I havn't picked up LFP in a few months other than for Hockey and Soccer box scores.
Though my hearts credentials really shouldn't be question here. I never question your heart. Only the semantics of your statements. Your muddy responses of "potshoting" and "bringing down the hammer" leave only arguments of semantics.

I guess we can only disagree.
Keep it kept then. Keep bloging
Peace, Love and Jazz


ps. Good Luck with your fucking war.

Honey Pot said...

As my grannie used to say to me, "Don't let your heart get in the way of your brain"

You are carrying on like Israel has a choice here. There is no choice for Israel. If it is to survive in the middle of that barbaric islamic snake pit, it has to send a message to the anti-Semites of the world and their chosen weapon, islamic terrorist.