Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Toronto, London is not

Toronto, that creation of the Imperial power of the English empire, is the usurper of the seat of government of the province of the Upper Canadians. Chosen merely for its military distance and defendability from the quarrelsome and warlike Americans, it has benefited out of proportion from the tax coffers and spending initiatives of governments past and present. This is unfair, and it has given over London to a lack of the cultural high points of Toronto.

Toronto, not London, is where the satraps and minions of the provincial government live, work and play. And because of this, London is underserved by prostitutes, lacks whore houses, and does not celebrate public displays of sexual congress. As many Toronto residents will share with you, it is common to go out into ones front yard to find used condoms, limp and drippy, draped over garden fences, tied to car antennae, or simply left in the grass to compost. During festivals celebrating sexual lifestyles disapproved of by both Catholic pope and Calvinist Orangemen, it is not unusual to interrupt happy sodomites or panderers having their way with all orifices, or same in groups of more than two.

Multiculturalism is less here. Where are the outraged Half-Canadians, demanding their allotment of bread and circuses? Their demands for free food, free education, free legal representation, special needs in prison and special demands during pagan festivals, are but squeeks here in the real capital of Upper Canada. London lacks the public transit of Toronto, and thereby lacks the refreshing experience of public urination, knife fights, and the odd shooting of passing by innocents. How else are our oppressed citizens, both legal and non-legal, to express their outrage over past insults and lack of social spending? Without yellow liquid squooshing around the booted feet of London citizens as they go to work to earn taxes to pay for socialist social services sector satraps, how can white guilt be soothed with the balm of spending the wealth of the working class?

London stands as a red bastion in a sea of blue. It is embarassing to note that the non-Conservative representatives have failed in the securing of pork barrel spending projects. How can these people call themselves Bolsheviks, One-Worlders, and Speakers for Animals? Where are the soaring apartment buildings filled with needy welfare people? Where are the no go 'hoods for the white taxpayers? Where are the flower strewn shrines to slain Bloods and Crips? Our non-Conservative representatives have failed to bring multi-culturalism to London, and if London is to be the replacement capital of the Upper Canadians, it must have these things. For surely, Toronto is on some peaceful terrorist organization's list of places to be made into rubble, and when that happens, will not the capital be moved back to London?

London, mighty London. This city has many of the facilities needed to assume the mantle of Supreme City. There are hotels, convention centers, a rail way station, and cloverleaf connections to the 401. The time is short, you of the current leadership. Make haste and prepare the city for it's destiny of leadership.

I, Fenris Badwulf, wrote this.