Friday, January 9, 2009

The London Dating Scene

Letchard Wolfdick is a progressive activist active in progressive causes. If anyone is helping themselves to handouts to help raise awareness about the homeless, the oppressed, the downtrodden, and anyone else cute and cuddly, you can find Letchard's voice to be heard and his hands grasping for a stipend, dividend, or honorarium. In addition to his exceptional taxspender status, Letchard is also an active participant in London's internet, voice mail, and companion ad dating scene. Here are a few tips for the lovelorn for an old hand at romance, Letchard Wolfdick:

1) You do not need that expensive soap that the doctor perscribes you when you get crabs. You can save money and build self esteem by buying that flea shampoo that you can get in the dog food store. And it has a refreshing pine scent that Ladies adore.

2) The cloth that comes with your new pair of glasses can be used to polish your glass eye. No need to spend money on those expensive cloths that your prosthetician pushes on you. And having a shiny glass eye is a real hit with the Ladies, who abhor seeing men with a smudged or streaked glass eye.

3) You want to make a good first impression on that first date, so keep a few safety pins in the pocket of your coveralls incase you pop a button.

Letchards Dating Tip: If you get pepper sprayed in your car, you can use tomato juice to clean the interior.

I, Fenris Badwulf brought this to You, The People of London.