Thursday, January 22, 2009

Air Defences of London

It is a sad day indeed when you come to understand the shocking lack of air defences of London, the true capital of Upper Canada. Years of uneasy peace, in the undeclared war on poverty, racism, sexism, and inadequate social spending, have not led to the required build up of the infrastructure needed to defend London from our foreign enemies, in particular that great enemy of all things progressive, the United States. So, leaders of London, where are our defences for the inevitable attack of the great Satan, the capitalists of the US of A?

A city of the importance of London, a likely target for terrorflieger demands a minimum garrison of 200 heavy guns of the 88mm type. Given that eighteen guns make up a Flak Abeitlung, twelve of these formations are the required minimum of weapons required to give any enemy a bloody nose. These guns will be arrainged in a ring around the city, with a few special Abeitlung for point defence of strategic targets within the city: these being the GM plant, city hall, and party headquarters.

Flak Towers. London leadership should be demanding the immediate construction of a Flak Tower * within the confines of the city. That great white elephant, Storybrook Gardens, can be used as a site for these mighty monuments of peaceful co-existance. This fortification can also serve as headquarters for London Air Defence.

City Hall should be underground. This strategic target is already on alot of terrorists (and by terrorists I do not mean terrorists, but the real terrorists ... international capitalism) target file. What better way to bring the mighty city to it's knees than by cutting off the head? So, city leadership should demand that city hall be re-located into a deep bunker. Overhead protection should be at least five meters of reinforced concrete. The structure should have its own electricity generator, and be able to purify its own air in the (inevitable) event of poison gas attack.

Where are these fortresses, the guns, and the bunkers? I begin to doubt the loyalty of the current leadership to the principles of progressive politics. Surely the evil Americans will turn to violence to defend their fading empire, even as Obama works to destroy the rotten monolith from within. So London demands defensive preparations. We need a ring of heavy guns, a flak tower, and a fortress for city hall. Borrow all the money, and borrow it now.

I, Fenris Badwulf, wrote this