Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Love, Peace, Justice, Kill, Kill, Kill!

Hilarious deadpan Pajamas Media correspondent Steve Green reports on a love-in outside the Democratic Convention. The moonbats there were attempting to levitate the Denver mint, in a completely unoriginal repeat of Abbie Hoffman's sadly unheard 1967 Pentagon cry for mental health intervention.

"There's a rumour that David Copperfield is a registered Democrat, and may just help in their efforts here tonight, and that may mean supermodel presence as well. It's very exciting... they're throwing fake coins, and we even have a man in a wizard hat.... Yes, take the money from the war, give it back to the poor, from whence it came, uh, originally, I believe."

In the second part, loathsome demagogue Alex Jones attempts to rile the crowd up against Michelle Malkin, who stands right in his face like he's not even there.

"They were in Michelle Malkin's face, shouting 'Kill Michelle Malkin', and the police did nothing."

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Honey Pot said...

Malkin is a ballsy one.

That must of irked them, her snapping her gum and ignoring them. hahahahahah