Monday, August 18, 2008

Leaky buckets

"London will become one of the first cities in Canada to partially ban sales of single-use plastic water bottles," reports the London Free Press. Extending only to sales on city-owned property, that's about as partial as partial can get…

…a gratifyingly inconsequential conclusion to one of the summer's longest and most heated civic debates. If only all such bursts of political energy could yield such generously petty results, we should almost not mind the fantastic sums paid to otherwise keep our politicians and bureaucrats occupied. Partial taxes would be an appropriate follow-up.


Honey Pot said...

I can see them down there high 5ing each other. They should have went for no drinking beverages in the park, unless you bring your own tin cup.

What happens if they catch someone with a water bottle at the folk fest?

All that is going to happen is people will leave the park go over to the nearest variety store and buy the evil bottled water there.

Or just buy a different beverage that has to be in some type of container from a vendor at the park.

The glowtardian dream of people bringing their own cups to the folk fest is just that, a dream.

Bet you they are going to go after the plastic beer cups next.

It makes about as much sense as moron Miller banning guns in Toronto every Monday, after a killer goes on a shooting spree.

mariposa said...

Yep, the nanny-state tit suckers won again. And what a victory!

Cheryl Miller: "Quite frankly, I like it being a nanny state." Christ, she's got to be one of the stupidest women on the planet.