Wednesday, August 13, 2008

I thought that I would never see / Another freaking metal tree

... but there they were, ferns, palm trees, and this fellow, standing outside Te Papa Museum here in charming downtown Wellington on the first almost-not-cold sunny day this month.

The branches and foliage of the metal trees that have evolved here in Gondwanaland are made of thin, iron-grey metal wires, differing from their Laurasian cousins which tend to be more solid in construction and brightly coloured.


Honey Pot said...

Now those trees look like real trees to me. I could see them considered as art. Some work went into those trees.

Much better than the Lego land trees we have dotting the down town.

Fenris Badwulf said...

Performance art is called for! Summon a chapter of the Spontaneous Action! and an oxyacetylene rig! The cleansing power of fire!

Mike said...

I'm leaving SA! community organizationism to the locals. See this tale from yesterday's Dominion Post -- foreigners have a hard time teling metal from plastic here.