Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Home is where the heart bleeds

Of London, Coun. Cheryl Miller rejoices:

"Quite frankly, I like it being a nanny state."
A frank if easy admission of the pleasures to be had from the waving end of the nanny stick … but will the grandchildren and future that Miller has taken under her wing notice to appreciate the lack of bottled water for sale on city-owned property? Say, at the A.J. Taylor building? Does anyone even know what the A.J. Taylor building is?

The scope of Coun. Judy Bryant's ambitions — "we're not changing the world, but we may get people to think" — is much more modest at least. Having spent hours of debate on Council and hours more of paid staff time to deal with such a minuscule plague, Londoners probably are thinking too.

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mariposa said...

Quite frankly, Miller is a bloody stupid bitch.