Wednesday, August 6, 2008

BINGO! Part 2

The solution to the doctor shortage in Canada is sweeping the country. Perhaps inspired by a lottery held by a Newfoundland clinic to weed out applicants seeking a doctor funded by their tax dollars, a doctor in Northern Ontario has selfishly entered his patients into a two part lottery to determine who no longer has a right to care.

An alternate solution to the problem is to purchase a lotto ticket for the $43 million 6/49 payoff. The deadline is past, but foresight is hindsight. Pick your lucky numbers and continue to suffer.

In the latest jarring illustration of the country's doctor shortage, a family physician in Northern Ontario has used a lottery to determine which patients would be ejected from his overloaded practice.

Dr. Ken Runciman says he reluctantly eliminated about 100 patients in two separate draws to avoid having to provide assembly-line service or extend already onerous work hours, and admits the move has divided the close-knit community of Powassan.
cp: The Broom


Fenris Badwulf said...

Make them suffer.

If the taxpayer wants what they have already paid for, they should pay more, for more activists and overhead!

marginalizedactiondinosaur said...

Just put people who don't pay taxes and don't have babies at the back of the line. It's simple really.

Though I make it muddled here,