Monday, August 25, 2008

And the Laws of Grammar are Oppressive and Discriminatory too

Ken Smith, a criminologist in London, England, believes the idea of variant spelling is the answer to frequently misspelled words. Spell checker may soon be obsolete.

‘University teachers should simply accept as variant spelling those words our students most commonly misspell’, he argued recently in the Times Higher Education Supplement. That would mean treating ‘truely’ as the equivalent of ‘truly’ and possibly ‘potatoe’ as a variant of ‘potato’.

[..] Some pedagogues argue that teaching spelling is a waste of time that serves no positive purpose. Others claim that an insistence in the classroom on spelling everything correctly frustrates those who suffer from learning disabilities and dyslexia.

So-called progressive educators have even suggested that the promotion of spelling is an elitist enterprise that discriminates against young people from disadvantaged backgrounds.

In some cases, illiteracy has been turned into a virtue. I have been told by some experts that using punctuation is an arbitrary way of organising words. Apparently the insistence on ‘correct’ spelling inhibits creativity and stigmatises the self-expression of minority groups in particular.
If true equality and tolerance is to be achieved amongst the masses, we must go further than the idea of variant spelling. Onward with a version of newspeak for the 21st century! FWIW and AFAIK, IMHO, may I suggest an acronym based language modeled on text messaging?

h/t: Alice the Camel

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mariposa said...

Oh Christ, almighty! Yes, let's bend over for the minority who have learning disabilities. I can barely make out what some people are trying to say now. I expect a little "creative" spelling when people respond to blog posts, but in academic papers?

Yep, next we'll dump grammar rules because they're just too darn hard to remember.

...But maybe this trend will improve the reading of legal documents.

Honey Pot said...

I have no problem with them dumbing it down when sentencing the ganstas.

I would love to hear a judge say,"you stupid bastard, you won't be dissing anyone now, you are the low toad in the scum pond, and I am sending you somewhere where that will make you piss your pants everyday for the next ten years."