Wednesday, July 9, 2008

We're all victims these days

More tolerant ideas from Britain, the country where young children can be labeled as racist for expressing disgust at unfamiliar or undesired food:

Burglars should no longer be sentenced to jail, official advisers have said.

Unpaid work or a curfew would normally be a better way of punishing break-ins and thefts, said a panel that issues guidelines to judges.

[..] For the first time, magistrates and judges could be ordered to listen to victims – or bereaved relatives – and be guided by their views on how an offender should best be punished.

But, crucially, only messages of forgiveness would be taken into consideration.

The views of those who demanded the harshest penalties would be disregarded.

There are fears such a system could lead to some offenders intimidating victims into asking for a more lenient term for them. The proposals from the Sentencing Advisory Panel also suggest that criminals sent to prison for less than a year should be let off with a community punishment instead. (Daily Mail)
The panel 'reasons' that short prison sentences for "the less serious offences of theft and dishonesty, burglary and motoring offences" are unlikely to protect the public for long, nor provide an opportunity for prisoners to rehabilitate themselves while in jail. Sentencing the thief to clear litter from the streets, perhaps complete with a curfew, is sure to elicit a collective sigh of relief.

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