Monday, July 14, 2008

The utter importance of being utterly earnest

There is no more certain way to convince an ordinary passel of well-meaning idiots to exaggerate their pretensions to officiousness than to dress them up in the semi-officious garb of a City Advisory Commmittee. According to the London Free Press, the London Advisory Committee on Heritage is challenging the province's exemption to its 2005 Heritage Act giving municipalities more power to designate heritage sites and stop demolitions.

"Under the new act, no building owned by the province can be designated by a local authority," [Committee Chairman Joe O'Neil] said. "I have a problem with the government being exempt from its own laws.
On the other hand, O'Neil has no apparent difficulty with an Advisory Committee exempting itself from its own designated mandate to advise "within the City of London," since the occasion of the Committee's distress is a property outside the City limits.

On a side note, I can only assume that I am not the only lifelong Londoner who has never before heard of Kilbourne House or Locust Mount. At the very least I certainly hope that I am not the only one who will be able to continue life as before with or without them.

Side note #2: Where did Free Press reporter Joe Matyas find a "T" to stick in the middle of the London Advisory Committee on Heritage's "LACH" acronym?