Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Until Omar Khadr gets inducted into the Order of Canada, this is the funniest thing ever. (HT FullComment)


Honey Pot said...

No doubt the left will be renaming it the 'omar of Canada' for all the misunderstood islamic terrorist who seek asylum in Canada.

Can you believe the shit that is coming out of the main stream media about poor little omar, the baby terrorist.

No doubt the liberals are seeking a nice lefty foster family in Toronto who will take him in, so he can behead the other children if they get out of line.

mariposa said...

I don't care if Khadr is a Canadian citizen. He was an enlisted soldier willingly fighting for the enemy against Americans and Canadians.

He killed an American soldier; the Americans captured him; he is their prisoner of WAR! He was not in Afghanistan representing Canadians; he was helping the enemy.

If the bleeding hearts get their way, he'll be brought back and these idiots will weep and wail until the little psychopath is released.

He should have his Canadian citizenship revoked for treason!