Monday, July 14, 2008

Parked at the Intersection

Anyone who travels the streets of London on a regular basis knows that the $3.9 million dollars spent on a synchronized traffic light system three years ago has done little to improve the traffic flow. I've had the occasion to ask taxi drivers their opinion and the response has always been one of cynical amusement. The topic is once again a subject of study at city hall, for it seems the generally complacent citizens of London are motivated to complain about long traffic signals and drive-thrus.

Now, city staff are recommending Delcan Corp. be hired to improve the core's network of traffic lights, a recommendation that goes to a city council committee today.

"Citizens have every right to be frustrated," said Coun. Cheryl Miller, who chairs the environment and transportation committee. "One aspect that drives me crazy are the advance left turns in this city -- some days they work and some days they don't."

The nearly $150,000 project would synchronize signals to manage downtown traffic. (LFpress)
At least the advance green signals work to the advantage of Londoners sometimes, unlike the decisions of our local politicians. Why do I doubt that another $150,000 is going to fix what $3.9 million didn't?

Meanwhile, we continue to burn up gas waiting for that train.



Richard said...

Whomever London purchased that computer system from should have included a warranty or a on-site consultant.

Some lights seem deliberately out-of-sync like the one at Wonderland Rd and Rosecliffe & Teeple Terrace.
That one is probably there to slow the traffic going down the hill.

The best thing this city can probably do is put in more right turn lanes. There is nothing like being stuck at a light behind someone going straight. Especially on a side street crossing a main road.

CityDweller said...

This is just an on going trough of money. A continui ng funnel of fund out of the tax payers pockets. They are on their 3rd or 4th set of "software" for the lights. They had purchased new software and 2 years later they needed to replace it again because of the Y2K bug. This is just a contimuance of gross incompetence in this deptarment, brought over from London Hydro. Some thing needs to be done.
But, then again, look at the leadership in this city.

Tommy and the developers run the show, Annie is allowed to cut ribbons and look after hubby's intrests.