Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Justice for Tree Huggers

It's hard to wrap your head around, yes, but after reading two books by Theodore Dalrymple, a physician who worked intimately with the underbelly of British society seduced by the influence of intellectual ideas gone bad, I'm reluctant to doubt that this idiotic 'solution' is actually being seriously considered:

Inmates are signing up for a National Lottery-funded project to assess and measure our ancient trees.

One trusted method of gauging their age is to “hug” the tree trunk – linking arms around it to measure the girth.

The Prison Service insists it does not receive funding for taking part in the five-year scheme, and that it helps prisoners to improve their maths skills. But it is bound to benefit any inmates who take part, especially more serious offenders who have to persuade a parole board that they are fit for release.

[..] The Prison Service said: “Many offenders have poor literacy and numeracy skills.

“This is just one project that teaches prisoners serving less serious offences skills in maths, measurement and using databases, as well as teaching them to value the environment.” (Daily Express)
HT: Mitchieville.

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