Friday, July 4, 2008

The diversity welfare office

Tayside Police in Dundee, Scotland have apologized for not seeking the advice of the force's diversity advisor before introducing a ritually unclean animal in adverts for a new non-emergency phone number … proving that a manufactured supply of gratuitous sensitivities will always create a demand.

One could throw a thousand stones or more in a crowd of Canadian Muslims before striking even just one who is outraged by a picture of a dog, but then our own diversity advisors and human rights commissions have only recently begun to prevail upon Muslims to posture for them.

HT: Jay Currie


mariposa said...

Let's see...

1. Police in England feel the need to apologize for this ad.

2. School children in the UK are forced to pray to a Muslim deity; those who refuse are punished.

3. Sharia law has been embraced by the most senior judge in England.

Churchill must be spinning in his grave. What a bloody hopeless country.

NIAC said...

Is that real?