Monday, July 21, 2008

Bringing the neighbourhood together with other people's money

Looking to strengthen the diversity of your neighbourhood, while having fun at the same time? If you are creative enough, you just might be eligible for a Creative City Neighbourhood Initiative grant.

An exciting opportunity to become involved in this the Creative City Neighbourhood Initiative (CCNI) is available right in your local neighbourhood! The Creative City Neighbourhood Initiative (CCNI) project is intended to assist community groups in making their own communities more creative by providing one-time funding to complete a project developed by, and with, neighbours.

This year the theme for the CCNI is “Bringing Neighbours Together”. Financial assistance up to $500 is available to groups of neighbours who wish to come together to celebrate their neighbourhood.

Examples of Celebrations:

Picnics, landscaping, festivals, making creative spaces like a reading garden, beautify the neighbourhood, block party, ice cream socials, local heroes day, recreational or leisure activities for families coming together.
I see nothing currently preventing neighbours "who wish to come together" from doing so except perhaps laziness or an unwillingness to part with a bit of their own cash.

Flyers for advertising and food are among the allowable expenses, though overall improvements to public and private property are apparently not, which is rather baffling, considering landscape equipment rental is allowed, and the creation of creative spaces, and beautification of the neighbourhood are encouraged. Presumably, fixing the pothole-ridden streets is not an eligible use of grant money, but maybe a metal tree or two will be planted.


Fenris Badwulf said...

How about some raccoon killer, or some compost accelerator?

Honey Pot said...

You are just being cruel. You know damn well the people in the new Soho district are barely able to afford the alarm systems for their homes.

They are struggling to change their area from "So-ho, how much are you charging for a blowjob tonight?", to a district that is safe for the 800 drug addicted transients who occupy the homeless ghetto at the gateway.

My goodness what is 500 bukaroos in a crafty delegators pocket, to arrange for donated free hotdogs, and dumb people to volunteer to hand them out?

As long as the politicians get photo ops, pretending they give a fuck, all is well in London

Richard said...

I can't believe you could even get eight or more neighbours together on anything in this city. I'm sorry, London does not have that small town feeling of camradarie.