Tuesday, July 8, 2008


Finally, a fair and equitable solution to the doctor shortage in Canada has been discovered by a Newfoundland medical clinic. Social justice has nearly been achieved, though one wonders if the wealthier members of the community purchased more than one ticket.

A Newfoundland medical clinic held a lottery this week to determine which patients could see its two new doctors.

The clinic had 4,000 potential patients apply to see the physicians, but could only accommodate 2,000.

So the Gander Medical Clinic, in Gander, Nfld., held a lottery to find the first new patients for Drs. Amanda Scott and Celine Dawson.

The hopeful patients were contacted Monday evening and were told if they had a new doctor.

Larry Dawson, manager of the clinic, said he held the lottery to avoid the chaos that greeted the last introduction of a new doctor at the clinic.

"The last time we tried to do it we ended up with a line-up going outside the doors of the clinic and people were lined up early in the morning," Dawson said Tuesday during an appearance on CTV Newsnet.
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The Mayor said...

I wonder if the tickets were $5 to enter?

NIAC said...


My Lovely Wife and I were dropped by our GP, because we weren't sick enough. We don't have a "family doctor" anymore, and can't get one. Always to the clinic, now.

My younger daughter had a baby, almost a year ago now. I think the baby has a GP, but I don't think that either of her parents do.

My elder daughter, I am pretty sure that both of her children have a doctor, but I am not sure about her and her husband.

My son, he had the same GP as us, so he, too, was 'dismissed' from that doctor because he wasn't sick enough.

There are a number of walk-in clinics here, now.