Monday, July 14, 2008

The Advantages of Blockages

Is it any wonder the native occupation in Caledonia, Ontario continues while Dalton the Gimp and his cronies remain in power?

McGuinty says the government will work with First Nations and other residents to develop a plan to prohibit commercial activities in about half of the province's boreal forest.

And mining and forestry companies will have to consult early with First Nations before starting any new projects in the other half of Ontario's boreal forest.

McGuinty says Ontario will also develop a system to ensure resource revenues are shared with First Nations in the far north so they can, in his words, "get a piece of the action."

Mining generated about $11 billion in Ontario in 2007, and McGuinty promises the government will put some cash in the bank for First Nations this fall to get the revenue sharing started. (CTV)
It has nothing to do with trees, carbon emissions or storehouses, but everything to do with redistributing the wealth for political and material advantage. Just ask Ken Boshcoff.

In other news, Super Nanny Dalton is campaigning against cellphones for kids.

cp: Dust my Broom