Tuesday, June 10, 2008

We are not men; we are devo.

Dead Reckoning:

Can you imagine, say, in 1942, a German born Canadian bringing an action paid for and sponsored by a government agency to have negative media depictions of Hitler and the Nazi Party suppressed because it might cause Canadians to have a low opinion of Nazis? Can you imagine such an action getting a favourable result from the tribunal?

My father, a decorated WWII fighter pilot, wouldn’t recognize this country if he were still alive.
I can only imagine my own grandfather's reaction (PBUH) to the likes of Elmasry and Khurrum Awan, were he still among us. As a Black Watch commando, he was trained and trained others to engage in hurtful discriminatory practices against social activists espousing totalitarian supremacist doctrines. He landed at Dieppe as part of a systematic campaign to expose anti-free-speech, anti-semitic community organizers to nuance-free, unalloyed, kinetically expressed hatred and contempt.

As divisive as it might be to hear from someone who helped build and defend this country, I would love to be able to report verbatim a patriotic, decorated, real Canadian's opinion of the complainants, their sympathizers, and of the apparatchiki operating under colour of law as "Human Rights Commissions". But then, we might both end up before the Tribunal.

After several passes through a drastic P.C. filter, though, we might have arrived at something like Tarek Fatah's powerful piece in today's FullComment.
If free speech is such a problem for these Islamists, why don’t they find soil that is fertile to their authoritarian spirit, which it seems they miss so much.

Why can't we tell the Bin Laden fan club in Canada: "You are free to migrate to Iran or Saudi Arabia... How can we help you?